Hello World!

 So, after having this domain for more than 2 years I've decided to start writing. It's 1:21 AM IST, while listing to music and wondering why chatGPT's down! (I was using it like I use DDG to find answers and blogs <a search engine>) this thought came out of nowhere that I own a domain. 


These days I'm focusing over myself as I want to be real me which means I want to get out of this mental trap of pleasing everyone and making everyone happy! I guess I'm in that phase, in my life, where I'm always unsatisfied and feel like something's missing from life. I also feel hungry no not hungry for food but for knowledge. 

These days my life revolves around few things: -

1) Books

2) Computer (my job and learnings)

3) Gym 

4) Psychology of humans and animals (even though both are same but iykyk)

5) Music (It has always been ❣️) 

6) other personal things

lol I feel like these paragraphs are missing contextual connection but whatever, I guess I've stopped thinking about being perfect! fact is I never was perfect and would never want to be perfect! deal with it!

These days I think I should make something worthy of sharing, some breakthrough, I've always been interested in research but never had resources to do so. #sedlife but that's in one way okay because if I had it all I might not have understood it's value I mean right now even the thought of having a continuous source of income and time at the same time to do research seems like the most valuable luxury which I cannot afford. 

 Oh, since it's February! the valentines blah blah stuff I guess I should talk about love! too. So, here's my views as of February 10, 2023:  My observations suggest that love is a mere affection and one can eliminate it by just not allowing oneself to let it happen! yes, it's that simple, for me it's that way, I don't know what you feel or think about it. 

lol this blog was in draft for a day so I'm publishing it right now.


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